Blogging has been somewhat of a challenge for me since I broke my wrist a month ago, trying to type stream-of-consciousness with only my left hand has been just too laborious for me to even contemplate. However, I've been moved to make a stab at it because I'm dying to tell you about this new book of patterns by Woolly Wormhead.

As you can see, Hatopia is a fundraiser for Save Mutonia, a longstanding community of creative people, living peaceful and independent lives in Italy, pursuing whatever makes each individual tick. Unfortunately, after decades of harmonious co-habitation with the locals, Mutonia currently finds itself under threat of eviction and should that happen, the inhabitants would be widely dispersed, along with the artwork they've created over the years.

You can find out much more about the campaign, or simply donate to the cause should you feel moved to do so on Woolly's blog.
TRAVERSA - I love berets and zigzags so once my
cast comes off I'll be sure to cast this one on  
OK so what's in the book?  As you might expect from a hat architect extraordinaire, there's a boxful of fresh and fun headgear. Also in there are interesting images taken around the yard by Woolly, with the hats modelled by residents and friends. If you're new to hat-making or even knitting, there's a clear and well laid out techniques section to guide you through. I love the book design too, spare, edgy and funky, without detracting from the designs at centre stage.

RUNWAY - Slipstitch patterns are so cool -
maximum impact from simple stitches
appeals to my sense of ecomony
So here you have half the designs - to see the rest get your copy now, either on Ravelry or on Woolly's website, Treat yourself to a new hat for the chilly autumn days ahead, with the added bonus of knowing you're supporting a worthy cause.

PDF: 46 pages, full colour, 150dpi, 3MB, produst no WW2238Hatopia


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