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Woodland Knits by Stephanie Dosen - interview & giveaway

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.  WB Yeats
How true this is and if you've spent any time at all with the delectable miss d, either listening to her music, reading her blog, or knitting her patterns, you'll know as well as I do she's on a mission to open our eyes to her wonder-filled world in the enchanted forest.  If this is your first encounter with Stephanie, then you're in for a treat. Her first book, Woodland Knits, will put a smile on your face. It's inspired by the spirit of the woodland and faerie tales - a magical collection of quirky, amusing and beautiful knits. Holiday knitting is definitely on the horizon now, so first up on my needles will be Mr Fox Stole My Heart  - x4, for my four little grandchildren, each in a different colour to reflect their personalities. As well as the one for wee folk there's a larger version, both adorable. Stephanie has kindly agreed to join us for a chat today and has al…

Dordogne Scarf

As promised today I'm posting another free pattern to celebrate the publication of my new book, Great Little Gifts to Knit.  This time it's the Dordogne Scarf, named after a visit to an angora farm whilst we were in France on a reccy for our upcoming tours, Knit France 1 & 2,  held in a beautiful manoir in the Dordogne next year. The yarn I used was produced from the goats on the farm (77% mohair and 23% silk) and also dyed in the area, but there are many similar ones now on the market, so you don't have to make a trip to France to get the yarn, though if you can I do recommend it!
To Make 
14cm/5.5in/wide, 38in/96.5cm long when pressed to shape.
25g/1oz Angora/Silk Mix yarn  125m/137yds per 25g ball 
1 pair 4mm needles
tapestry needle for sewing in ends

19 sts and 22 rows = 10cm/4in over pattern

Cast on 26 sts and commence pattern as foll:
Row 1 (RS)   Sl 1, knit to last st, k1 tbl Row 2          Sl 1, purl to last st, k1 tbl Row 3          Sl 1, *(k2 tog) …

Among Stones winner!

Congratulations to rolenestone, who is the lucky winner of the Among Stones draw. Enjoy! The draw was done using a random number generator.
If you'd like a chance to win another lovely book, next Thursday, 26th September, I'll be reviewing Stephanie Dosen's new book, Woodland Knits, plus there'll be an interview with the delightful miss d.

A free gift for my readers

To celebrate the publication of my new book, Great Little Gifts to Knit, I'd like to gift a couple of easy patterns to my lovely readers. There'll be one today and the next one will be next Wednesday.
Since I broke my wrist a couple of months ago I've not been able to manage much knitting, in fact it was no knitting at all until the cast came off two weeks ago. Since them I've managed to make a couple of pairs of fingerless gloves, inventing the pattern as I went along, the stitches influenced by how much or little my swollen fingers could manage. I found it more difficult to actually sew them up than to knit them as sewing calls for fine motor skills which I'm sadly lacking right now.

I was quite pleased with both pairs.  I call them my Rehab gloves.  I've gifted one pair already to a friend who admired them, the other I kept as they're keeping my recovering wrist warm and cosy on chilly autumn days, making it less likely to swell up. I'm now branching…

Among Stones review & giveaway

I'm delighted to be one of the stops on Carol Feller's blog tour for her latest book, Among Stones. Here we have acapsule collection of nine patterns beautifully photographed in the crags and hollows of Scotland and her native Ireland. Comprising four women's sweaters, one child's sweater, a beaded scarf, a shawl, socks in adult and child sizes and a hat and mitten combo, it's available right now for wholesale (US) and retail customers.
Carol kindly agreed to have a chat about the making of her book, so pour yourself a cup of tea, coffee, a glass of wine or whatever's your fav tipple, put your feet up and relax and enjoy this unique insight into her creative process.
I love the title of your book, Among Stones is evocative, esoteric and enigmatic. Can you say something about how the individual stones influenced your design choices?
The cover photo for this book was taken inside a ruined house at the side of a small river in one of my favourite local parks. When I …

Champion Aran knitter

Had to share this. Anne O'Maille, who is the co-owner of O'Maille's in Galway, a shop selling amongst other goodies Aran sweaters, wrote to me recently with good wishes for a speedy recovery. She told this story:
One of my greatest knitters Mary Anne Kelly, (who knits an Aran sweater every 10 days) got into a struggle with ivy she wanted to remove from her garden--- the result was a fractured wrist.

Unbelievably, she knitted one cardigan while in the cast and has completed another since the cast was removed.

Now there's a woman with a will. Respect!!!

There's a must-read interview with Anne on the history of O'Maille's and the Aran knitting tradition on The Wild Geese blog.