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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Champion Aran knitter

Had to share this. Anne O'Maille, who is the co-owner of O'Maille's in Galway, a shop selling amongst other goodies Aran sweaters, wrote to me recently with good wishes for a speedy recovery. She told this story:
Anne O'Maille
One of my greatest knitters Mary Anne Kelly, (who knits an Aran sweater every 10 days) got into a struggle with ivy she wanted to remove from her garden--- the result was a fractured wrist.

Unbelievably, she knitted one cardigan while in the cast and has completed another since the cast was removed.

Now there's a woman with a will. Respect!!!

There's a must-read interview with Anne on the history of O'Maille's and the Aran knitting tradition on The Wild Geese blog.

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