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Ghost of Halloween

Whoo... ooooooOOOOOoooooo, guess what I've got for for you today?... got it in one... a pattern for a knitted ghost... scary no!?!

A couple of days ago a chance meeting with Susie, a neighbour, fellow knitter and guitar picker, led to talk of Halloween. Susie mentioned she could tell me how to knit a quick and easy ghost, so as I've been signed up for trick-or-treating with my three little grand-daughters, my ears pricked up.

I couldn't wait to get back home to try it and I even had plans to make three at first, but as I'm not a particularly fast knitter, and my wrist is still not up to speed either, I decided I'd be satisfied with one.

So here's the pattern:

Size approx 7in[18cm] x 7in[18cm]

I used Rowan Creative Linen (200m/219yds per 100g)
Scraps of black yarn (I used Rowan wool/cotton) for eyes and mouth

pair5mm (US 8)
4mm (US G6) crochet hook
tapestry needle, darning needle
1 ping-pong ball

To make
Cast on 32 sts and knit 2 rows.
Next row knit
Next row k2…

River reflections

Sometimes you just don't appreciate what you've got on your own doorstep. A couple of days ago when I was feeling at a really low ebb, I decided to put on a brave face and get some fresh air.  It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the blue sky, with just a slight chill in the autumn air. So I persuaded P he'd also like a hike, swathed myself in my woolly creations and off we went for a walk along the river.

The Ouse is only a few hundred metres away, so we were quite surprised to see it was already threatening to flood after the recent heavy rain. York has spent much time and money on flood defences, so to see the river so high after not really a lot of rain was quite shocking.
There's a wide tow path, then usually a steep 2m/6foot slope to a narrower path and the river. But as you can see the lower tow path is completely submerged. Good weather for geese though. I know they're a nuisance, but Canada Geese hold fond memories for me - when Izzi and Ava were tiny, w…

Down in the dumps

Been feeling low lately after finding out I've contracted a bout of shingles.  Had been wondering why my hip was burning and sore for about five days and found the rash while looking for bruises - thought I'd been rushing around as usual and run into something and not noticed... apparently not this time.

I remember my mother having shingles and could never understand why they were said to be so painful... now I know.  But at least now I've discovered what it is that's been making me feel like crap, I can hopefully start to do something about it.

Doctor prescribed a week's course of antivirals to stave off PHN (post herpatic neuralgia) which sometimes sets in for months or years after. I'm taking vitamins and olive leaf complex to boost my immune system, in the hope that I'll get away with a mild dose. Starting to feel like I'm falling to pieces recently! :(

However, one good thing is that my wrist has been signed off at physio. Although still not 100% o…

Jean Moss Handknits shop on Etsy!!

Yaaaayyyyy!!! I've just uploaded the first ten patterns to my new shop on Etsy -!  I joined a couple of years ago, but until now, I've never had enough time to actually explore and suss out how to build a store.

Hope you'll all drop by and browse the store - just click on the link above or on the Etsy icon at top right of the page. I'll be listing some readymade items of the above designs in the coming days, but meanwhile if there's anything in particular you'd like to see in the store, just let me know.

Knitting & Stitching Show, Ally Pally & Great Little Gifts winner

The winner of the Great Little Gifts to Knit giveaway is ....  drumroll.... da, da, da, da ... da...da... Eileen Maga!  Many congrats, Eileen, as soon as I get your snail mail address the book will be on its way.

I enjoyed my flying visit to Ally Pally for the Knitting & Stitching Show on Saturday, despite the East Coast train service.  Just before P and I were due to arrive at Kings Cross, apparently there was a complete power failure at Finsbury Park so all the signals were down. After about an hour the driver decided to cautiously backtrack the 2 miles to Alexandra Palace station, where there was said to be power and we could await further news out of harm's way.  When we got there I mistakenly thought that we might be allowed to disembark, but no, the guard said the platform wasn't long enough for a high speed train so the doors remained firmly shut.  Out of the window, a stone's throw away, was Ally Pally, the place I should have been -  on the GMC stand meeting …

Making education fun!

A teacher friend has a blog with her class and every year in the autumn term, the school has a competition for each class to get as many hits from overseas as possible.

There are interesting posts with lovely pics, such as a visit to the Castle Museum with a workshop on Victorian Medicine, picking fruit in the school orchard in preparation for making cakes and pies for their MacMillan coffee morning, and a funky video on spelling - yes, spelling!

They get a flag every time someone from outside the UK logs on and they're aiming for 100 by the end of the year.

I'm blown away by how different education is from when I was at school - what a lovely environment for learning. So please, if you're reading this from anywhere in the world except the UK (although you can still enjoy the blog but your visit won't count in the competition), help keep the momentum rolling - log on here.

Great Little Gifts to Knit giveaway

Happy Monday! With the gift-giving season fast approaching, to help you along, today I'm giving away a copy of Great Little Gifts to Knit. All you have to do is visit the project gallery then come back here and let me know your fave and why.

Next Saturday I'll be signing books and hosting a Make & Take on the GMC stand (F5) at the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace, London. Come and say hello if you're planning to be at the show and join in the knitalong of one of the projects from the book. You can read all about the making of the book in my interview on the Crafts Institute blog.
One of the things I was asked was how difficult it was to edit the projects down to the final cut for the book. I love to play and explore the myriad different possibilities of each design, so within the boundaries of a very tight schedule, I tried to take each piece to the limit.  I wanted to give my readers the benefit of this, so the book ended up with several colourways of…

Glorious autumn colour in Mid Wales and Woodland Knits winner

Congratulations to Knittingdancer (Rav ID), your lucky number must be 4, the number picked by the random number generator, and yours was the fourth comment. Woodland Knits will be winging its way to you just as soon as you send me your snail mail address to send off to the publisher.  Well done, I'm sure you'll love the book, jam packed with magical knitting!  So sorry that all who entered couldn't win one :(
Talking of magic, we arrived in Wales last night in the dark, so straight inside trying to warm up the house and get some food in the oven. What a surprise when I looked out the window this morning and saw the dazzling display of autumn colour - rust, red, burgundy, golden and lime green leaves, and all shades in between, rose hips, grasses, fuchsias, hydrangeas, asters - a veritable rainbow of vibrant hues, all vying for my attention in the wet autumn light... enchanting!
I was so excited that I dashed outside in the rain with my camera, still  in my pyjams to captur…