Down in the dumps

Been feeling low lately after finding out I've contracted a bout of shingles.  Had been wondering why my hip was burning and sore for about five days and found the rash while looking for bruises - thought I'd been rushing around as usual and run into something and not noticed... apparently not this time.

I remember my mother having shingles and could never understand why they were said to be so painful... now I know.  But at least now I've discovered what it is that's been making me feel like crap, I can hopefully start to do something about it.

Doctor prescribed a week's course of antivirals to stave off PHN (post herpatic neuralgia) which sometimes sets in for months or years after. I'm taking vitamins and olive leaf complex to boost my immune system, in the hope that I'll get away with a mild dose. Starting to feel like I'm falling to pieces recently! :(

However, one good thing is that my wrist has been signed off at physio. Although still not 100% or even 80%, I've been told to keep doing the exercises and it'll eventually come good. Honestly, between the pills and the exercises there's barely a chink for anything else.  I realise it may just be that I'm not well and I know I'm not a good patient (impatient is a better description), but it's hard at the moment to focus on anything.

Enough of my grumps, but just writing it all down makes things feel better. Hope you'll drop by again and better still leave a comment.


  1. yuck! I'm so sorry you're not feeling well...shingles are the worst (so I hear). glad you're taking care of yourself and hope you feel 100% soon.

  2. hello Jean,
    Shingles! That is terrible: I am sorry to hear that you have been feeling unwell. Lets hope that it is only a mild case as I have heard that they can be very painful. Take care and get well soon.

  3. Dear Jean,
    So sorry to hear that you've contracted shingles, especially when you're still coping with your wrist healing. Hope it all calms down soon. With loveXx

  4. Thanks Eileen and Cathryn for your good wishes wxx


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