Making education fun!

A teacher friend has a blog with her class and every year in the autumn term, the school has a competition for each class to get as many hits from overseas as possible.

There are interesting posts with lovely pics, such as a visit to the Castle Museum with a workshop on Victorian Medicine, picking fruit in the school orchard in preparation for making cakes and pies for their MacMillan coffee morning, and a funky video on spelling - yes, spelling!

They get a flag every time someone from outside the UK logs on and they're aiming for 100 by the end of the year.

I'm blown away by how different education is from when I was at school - what a lovely environment for learning. So please, if you're reading this from anywhere in the world except the UK (although you can still enjoy the blog but your visit won't count in the competition), help keep the momentum rolling - log on here.


  1. Hi Jean! Thank you so much for telling your followers about our class blog and the flag competition. We have gone from 12 to 21 flags overnight and we are now even more enthusiastic about our quest to go global! We will continue to try and keep our blog as interesting as possible for anyone who comes to visit it and thank you for liking what we do and also thank you to everyone who has visited so far!
    Good luck with your new book. We all love the look of the quirky tea cosies!
    Love from Class CJ, Year 5 @ Acomb Primary, York!
    Keep on blogging!:)

    1. I just visited your class blog, Mrs. Jackson, and left a comment for Aimee. I wish that I had time to reply to all of the children, but that won't be possible. Please tell them all that I enjoyed reading their posts and that I hope that they have a great school year.

      I love the work that you are doing with your students and applaud your efforts. Teaching is a special calling, and you seem to have answered it wholeheartedly!

      P.S. I love the tea cosies, too!

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