A lot to be thankful for ☺

My American friends have been celebrating Thanksgiving - a time for reflecting on the things in their lives that they're thankful for. Got me thinking it might be good to consider this every day, so starting with today...

... I'm thankful that P's hernia op went well yesterday and that he's home and not in too much pain this morning

...I'm thankful to celebrate Rowan's birthday today - and to remember his birth all those years ago on a foggy and frosty November night when we'd been out until after midnight visiting friends in an old banger car. As soon as I got into bed my waters broke and four hours later he was born - the speediest birth and at 9lbs the heaviest of my babies. I'm one of those lucky women who gives birth easily and with minimal problems or interventions. I can almost say I enjoy it -  but I suppose people say you always look back through rose tinted glasses, otherwise you'd never have another baby. However true that might be, the births of my three sons were definitely the three best days of my life.

...I'm thankful that my wrist is healing and I can play music again. Playing guitar is food for my soul and never fails to lift my spirits. Me and my guitar have been through a lot together, so it was hard not to be able to pick it up, let alone play it for three months.

Malabrigo lace weight yarn
... I'm thankful I can knit again and looking forward today to swatching a new idea I've had brewing for a couple of weeks 

...I'm also thankful that I taught myself the Continental method, as I still haven't got the grip to knit English style.

That's enough for one day. I think I need to do this every week as a reminder to focus on the positives in life.
Getting out the advent tree is the start of the Christmas festivities for me
Hope you're all enjoying this yummy time of year. I love how the year's passing is punctuated by the celebration of festivals, and I'm looking forward to searching out the advent tree for tomorrow.
New York's fabulous Chanukah celebrations
It's also the fourth day of Chanukah today, so wishing you all a happy and healthy one - let there be light throughout the world xox


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jean! Hope P is doing better every day. I need to learn Continental knitting, as it looks so much faster than English style! When I was learning entrelac, I taught myself to knit in reverse...saved a lot of turning work! Pam xx

    1. Thanks for your good wishes for P. Totally agree about reverse knitting, it's great for entrelac and also short rows. I used it a couple of times in Sweet Shawlettes, but the problem is as I don't use it often enough I have to relearn it again every time x.


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