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Veggie Christmas Pie

Every year we have a veggie pie on Christmas Day and this year I posted a pic of it on Facebook. Several friends asked for the recipe, but as I never make it the same twice I knew I'd have to think very hard about what actually went into it, especially as I have to confess to being a tad merry when I was cooking it. So I promised I'd post it as soon as there was a lull in festivities, which would give me a chance to try to remember the ingredients. So here it is... for a large pie as in the pic:

Either make your own puff pastry or do as I did and buy some - life's too short, especially over the holidays. Grease and line the pie dish with the pastry, saving any leftovers for the shapes on top. Prick the pastry with a fork all over to let out any trapped air, then pre-bake at Gas Mark 5/190C for twenty minutes.

Cut into cubes 1 packet of smoked tofu and lightly fry in olive oil with black pepper and about a tablespoon of grated ginger. Turn the tofu a few times …

My Xmas Carol

I'm not religious, I prefer to believe I'm spiritual, as this embraces all religions. As you probably know, I love festivals and celebrations, so though I may not always agree with the sentiments, I'd be the last one to miss out on the chance to sing Xmas carols.
Last week my guitar mentor taught me the tune of Gustav Holst's beautiful carol In The Bleak Midwinter. I just love it and can't get it out of my head, but when I looked up the lyric I knew I couldn't sing it with any sincerity and eventually my own rather different version started to kick in. 
Here's a lovely rendition of the original:

So here it is, with apologies to Christina Rosetti, as the original lyric is based on one of her poems written in 1872. Haven't had a chance to record it yet so you'll have to use your imagination:
In the bleak midwinter Angels come to play Bringing light in darkness Peace on earth they say. Hark the herald angels Proclaim their news on high Glad tidings for the fu…

Pattern discounts for a Happy Advent!

To celebrate the advent of the festive season, if you join my Ravelry group, there's a voucher code to get 20% off any of the 150 patterns in my Ravelry store. Offer runs until midnight on 24 December.