My Xmas Carol

I'm not religious, I prefer to believe I'm spiritual, as this embraces all religions. As you probably know, I love festivals and celebrations, so though I may not always agree with the sentiments, I'd be the last one to miss out on the chance to sing Xmas carols.
Last week my guitar mentor taught me the tune of Gustav Holst's beautiful carol In The Bleak Midwinter. I just love it and can't get it out of my head, but when I looked up the lyric I knew I couldn't sing it with any sincerity and eventually my own rather different version started to kick in. 

Here's a lovely rendition of the original:

So here it is, with apologies to Christina Rosetti, as the original lyric is based on one of her poems written in 1872. Haven't had a chance to record it yet so you'll have to use your imagination:

In the bleak midwinter
Angels come to play
Bringing light in darkness
Peace on earth they say.
Hark the herald angels
Proclaim their news on high
Glad tidings for the future
As New Year draws nigh

(Sung after every verse)
We all know the story
What can mere mortals do?
What happens to the glory
Once the year is new?

Comfort, joy, goodwill to men
And even women too
Love thy neighbour even if
She's gay, black or a Jew.
Ditch the new world order
The pyramid of power
No place for Rupert Murdoch
Pull down his ivory tower.

Lucifer is waiting
With open arms for you
It's much more fun down under
All you have to do
Is rape and pillage and plunder
Lie and cheat and steal
Don't worry about the planet
It's all in the Devil's deal.

So in the bleak midwinter
When angels fly to earth
Wouldn't it be wondrous
To heed their glorious words?
No more greedy bankers
No more corrupt MPs
No more hate and bigotry
All peoples walk in peace.
A very merry Christmas with friends and family to you all and thanks for reading my ramblings xox


  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely version of "In the bleak midwinter", Jean. I was really touched. I wish you, Philip and your family a peaceful and nice Christmas! Many greetings from your Norwegian friend, Hilde

  2. And to you Hilde - have a sparkling Christmas xox

  3. I so concur with your views on being spiritual. Being positive, empathetic and encouraging positive generosity in others...what could be better. In each season of the year.

    Best wishes to you and yours. How glad I am to have discovered your posts during this past year.


  4. A lovely Winter Carol ! Love your blog to bits ! (( ... and your cake looks delicious by the way )) Merriest Christmas to you & your family ! xx

  5. Jen & Frances - it's so good to get your lovely messages through the year. The happiest of holidays to you both xox

  6. Merry Christmas Jean, Philip and all of your lovely family, your blog feels like a gift all the way through the year! X

    1. ... and to you and yours Cathryn. Doesn't your wreath look super, thanks again and we'll see you tomorrow xox


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