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Writers' block and Harlow Carr

I think I must be experiencing a spot of writers' block, as there's so much I could write about, but nevertheless, I always seem to find something more pressing than updating my blog. Strange, because I just love doing it once I've started a new post, it's just a matter of persuading myself that there's enough time to do it justice.  Am I on my own on this or is it a syndrome other bloggers experience too?

Having said all that, P and I had the most glorious afternoon last weekend at Harlow Carr, the RHS garden in Harrogate, and the pics looked so colourful for this time of year that I couldn't resist sharing them with you.
We set out resolutely to blow away the cobwebs on the woodland walk - much too much time spent indoors recently.  I'm always amazed at how much colour you can find wandering along the paths - much thought must go into planning the continuity, there's never a time when I've been there when I can say I've been disappointed by th…