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Submerged forest of Borth

I've got a real soft spot for Borth - it's the place where I was living when my first child was born. We lived in one of the old stone cottages on the main street, and at the bottom of our garden there was a weathered wooden ladder leading straight down the back wall onto the stony beach. This then gave way to a huge expanse of sand where I'd walk Dinah, our much-loved Heinz 57, every day. We were there for an academic year so it was mostly winter, and I recall the dramatic storms with the wind lashing the tiny cottages and the wild spring tides rearranging the pebbles almost daily, leaving flotsam and jetsam for avid beachcombers like me. You find all sorts of strange things washed up on beaches - cans of food, old turnips, ships' ropes, fishermen's nets, as well as the mangled iron, smooth and bleached planks and stones that I'd get a huge thrill out of reclaiming to adorn our home. I've walked up and down this particular stretch of Cardigan Bay many man…

The creative process in nature and knitting!

Yaaaay, some sun at last! I was beginning to think the grey days would never end. It's amazing what a difference light and heat make in the garden - colours start to pop, leaves start to sparkle and birds start singing - suddenly life is good!
That said, the misty moisty mornings can provide a different type of inspiration. I've always had a soft spot for chalky hues, as opposed to pastels which I generally steer clear of. After the turn of the year the increasing light changes the colours around us all the time, although most days it's still too gloomy to notice, but now and again out of the blue comes an extraordinary day with nature asserting herself in all her colourful glory again. Such was the day that inspired these two pieces -  Foggy Dew Shawl and Dew Drop Scarf. The shawl came first, trying to capture the mist, moisture and contrasting light and shade of a February morning - has to be the morning as by the time you get to lunchtime, it's practically dark, es…

For the love of hellebores!

We were in Wales last week - some downtime to finish a couple of new projects in peace, without any distractions... or so I thought!  As it turned out, the garden had turned into hellebore heaven, with one or another variety of these brave little beauties beckoning wherever I looked. I found it hard to take my eyes off them and couldn't stop myself from snapping them from every angle. 
Another friend also brought these exquisite tiny snowdrops and tete-a-tete daffodils from her garden, so I was completely overwhelmed in the flower department in the best possible sense of the word. But I digress, back to the main reason for going to Wales. I'd been working on ideas for designs using knitted crescents and eventually settled down to the job in hand. I'd brought along the recently finished Moonlight Shawl and I had plans to write up the pattern and make a hat to match. But then horror of hor