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My new musical best friend - the Masano guitar

We came home from Greece to a warm welcome last night from Django and Arlo. They were so delighted to see us, purring and rubbing against us in the way that cats save for occasions when they're particularly pleased - they made sure they stuck like glue for the rest of the evening. The boys are one of the two things I miss most from home when I go away - the other being my guitars.
The Guild has been a best friend for years and my recently acquired Martin, though not yet enmeshed in the fabric of my life like the Guild, has been instrumental in rekindling my interest in playing. Of course I can manage for a couple of weeks without them, but given the choice I'd rather not.
So... I was doubly pleased to be staying in the Mani home of our friends Ilona and John. John is a guitarist so I knew one of his guitars would be there and I remembered with relish the one I'd played on previous occasions. On our arrival, it was such a bonus to find it there -  not just a guitar, but one…