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A walk on the wildside at Castle Howard

I've been doing a lot of work on the computer recently, remodelling and updating my website. Hours just seem to disappear, staring into a black hole where I lose track of time and space. The past couple of years have been crazily busy and consequently, as the website is the least enjoyable part of my work, it was the first thing to be sidelined. So with the start of a new knitting year looming in the autumn, I suddenly felt  the need to give it a facelift, a spring clean to get rid of some old wood and generally rationalise it - if only I could do that with my life too!

All good for the website, not so good for my sciatica, which started to play up again - the more I lose myself in the computer, the more screwed up my back becomes. I tend to be an obsessive type, always keen to get the job done, so I find it hard to take breaks, walk around or even make a cup of tea when I'm working.
So... yesterday I was feeling particularly creeky and cranky, so when my friend Kate suggeste…

The Devil's Arrows

Funny how one thing leads to another...
As the evenings start to draw in, it occurred to us that the chimney would need sweeping in preparation for the autumn. When there's a chill in the air, there's nothing like a glass of wine in front of a blazing log fire to chase away the chills on an evening. So the sweep was duly summoned, and as our attention was firmly focused on the fireplace, the what if  syndrome started to kick in More specifically, the idea of getting a woodburning stove.
P and I are rarely on the same wavelength when it comes to home improvements. In fact, when I occasionally feel moved to initiate some DIY, there's often a deep groan from him first of all, followed by a thousand and one reasons why it's not a good idea. However, on this occasion, the more we talked about a stove, the more it seemed to both of us that it was the best idea ever!  Too good to be true, I thought, better strike while the iron's hot and get some movement on this. So we…

In Wales with the girls!

First of all a big happy birthday to Louis - 2 today! Just returned from a delightful stay in our house in Wales with Isabella (who's seven) and Ava (five). They hadn't visited for two years, so we were really looking forward to reintroducing them to life in the country. Of course they brought along all the usual electronic paraphernalia which plays a big part in the lives of today's kids, but I'm pleased to say they were so engrossed in other things that they never came out of the bag - despite the fact that we don't even have a TV!
I'd forgotten how much you can get done when you get up at 7.30am, which is at least an hour before my preferred rising. By nine o'clock we'd made veggie jellies and these four little cakes were out of the oven: Isabella's two apple cakes and Ava's chocolate twirl cake and jam cake. While we were baking,  P was busy making a den in the barn garden. Felix was also staying - great as we hadn't seen him since his r…