Stranded in Borth!

Had the day from hell a couple of days ago! Took a friend to see the ancient submerged forest nearby on Borth beach, went head over heels on one of the slippery wet roots, ending up in a peaty puddle, shaken but otherwise ok.

Went to pub to dry out and suddenly had that awful feeling that I'd lost something. Car keys were in the pocket of my dress and were missing, they must have got flung out when I fell over. So... back along the beach to find them but to our horror the tide had crept in and the forest was completely underwater!

I called the AA who said they'd try to unlock the door, as I thought there may be a spare set of keys in the car. Two hours later at six o'clock, no-one had arrived so I rang again and was told it would be another hour and if they couldn't get into the car, it would have to be recovered. By this time it was getting cold, we had no coats, the sun was starting to go down and so were our spirits.

At six-thirty the AA man rang, sounding not very helpful, but assured us he would be there soonish. His phone then rang me back (must have inadvertently called the last number dialled) and I could hear him telling someone it was two women who'd lost their keys!!

We once more repaired to the pub to wait and warm up with a cup of hot chocolate and he eventually arrived just before seven. It then took half an hour to open the car's windows, we were then told we'd have to climb in to see if we could find the other set of keys. In the event we both declined and stretched in through each window to check all the places but alas found no keys.

AA man then asks us what we're going to do. Thought that was his job, but said we were told he would recover the car so could he tow us home. No he couldn't, he had the wrong vehicle, so he'd have to go back to his garage and get a different vehicle.

Back to the pub again for us to wait once more, which btw was about half a mile away. By this time a large glass of wine was needed, to add to our diet that day of endless cups of tea, coffee, crisps and biscuits as we walked back and forth to the car countless times.

He eventually returned at 9.30 with the recovery vehicle, so then another half hour to winch up the front of the car and then we were off, after being told he couldn't take the car up our single track road - too narrow, although I did mention to him that on another occasion we had been towed down in ice and snow!
We were both glad to see the sun go down on this day!
So ultimately AA guy reluctantly agreed to take the car (and us) to the garage 2.5 miles away from our house, then take us home. He eventually dropped us off at 11pm, we both thanked him profusely, but he didn't even say goodnight. Not a very good advert for the AA, think we'll be switching to a less grumpy, non-sexist provider asap! Remind me to erase the 21st September from the calendar next year! :(


  1. Your story made me smile! Why didn't you have some knitting with you?

  2. Yes, Jean, I agree with you about that particular sunset. The AA certainly didn't show much evidence of customer service.

    Hoping that the rest of this week is going to provide you and yours with lots of happy hours and find memories.



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