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Domestic flux!

It sometimes occurs to me that our home is a time warp... or maybe just a work in progress that began many years ago when we moved in, and never ended. Things evolve in an organic sort of way, and walls get painted or washed as and when each one needs it - here change happens by a gradual process of osmosis. Hence we still have speckled paintwork in the kitchen, as I once went around dabbing spots of paint in different places to see how the colour looked in different light... and we never did get round to actually painting it.

It's at least a couple of years since we decided to have a 'new' kitchen. So granite worktops were bought and fitted with newly-tiled splashbacks, a beautiful new racing green stove was installed, the electrics, plumbing and lighting were overhauled, but the quarry tiled floor and the solid timber units stayed, resulting in the overall look of the kitchen staying the same as it always had been. This was not through any conservative wish for time to s…