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Walk Tall

It's been a difficult time recently in our family. Over the summer and autumn my eldest son's 3-year-old daughter became increasingly sick, she couldn't eat, was reluctant to drink and very disturbingly, walking caused her so much pain that she gave up trying to even stand.

She was duly admitted to hospital and every test was done to determine the cause. Each test came back negative, which was incredibly distressing for her parents as they really needed to have a diagnosis so that something could be done about it. The MMR vaccine, chickenpox and brain and spinal tumours were all considered to be possibilities, then ruled out by MRI scan, lumbar puncture or blood tests, resulting in a scenario of nowhere else to turn. She was discharged from the local hospital and her parents were given the dubiously helpful news from her consultant that most cases of undiagnosed lameness resolve spontaneously within six months to a year.

However, a few weeks passed and she seemed to get no…

November news

Well, unfortunately we're still in the throes of home improvements, waiting patiently to be able to enjoy the new wood stove. The novelty of having all the furniture stacked in the hall has worn off, also watching a few fave TV programmes on my laptop isn't exactly hitting the spot either. The time has come to nail this thing and move on!! Completion has seemed forever further and further away, but without wishing to speak too soon, at last I can see a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Something seems to be happening.

P has now got our friend Humph to help with the insulation and laying of the oak floor and thankfully things have seemed to motor along since. In fact by the end of next week I'm hoping we'll have got the electrics done and painted the room and can then consider moving the furniture back in! No doubt I'll be pleased with the finished result but at the moment it's all just taking too long.

However, life isn't without its compensations. We've …