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Christmas cheer - free download

We had a wonderful Christmas as I hope you all did too. The first sign of the impending festive season around here is when the house is filled with the scent of hyacinths. These are usually bought in the market, but this year we actually managed to get our own bulbs to bloom, first time ever and probably due to Philip's big dose of tlc.
Next is our annual business lunch, which we both enjoyed at Ambiente this year, a lingering lunch of many shared dishes of flavoursome food, washed down with a glass or two of full bodied red. The light was fading as we left, but we were just in time to see a gorgeous sunset over York,
It wouldn't be  Christmas without one of Cathryn's fabulous wreaths adorning the front door. For weeks before then I'd been feeding the cakes with their festive food, so all that remains to do a few days before is the enjoyable task of decorating them with fruit and nuts. It was lovely to have all four of the grandkids together as well as the boys (as I …

In the swing...

... for Xmas now, P got the tree today and it's waiting in the garden to be installed when we have some small hands around to help dress it. A recent visit to Harlow Carr RHS garden got me going with their wonderful bauble-bedecked  trees making everywhere look SO festive.
This garden is full of wonderful inspiration, I just loved all the stars, both big and small made from single dogwood wands, bent into a continuous star shape.
Our favourite Xmas tipple, sloe gin, made from last year's bounty from the Mid-Wales hedgerows, has been bottled up ready to be enjoyed with family and friends. 
Cakes have been baked and duly brandy-fed and stored away until it's time for their next alcoholic meal. I even seem to be on top of the gifts this year - it's surprising how much you can get done with no pressure from work!

Even had time to rediscovered marbling the other day.Amazing instant gratification for Isabella and Ava, pattern and colour emerge almost effortlessly, just the job f…

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Let's start with the good. It's been a quiet and colourful autumn here in York, with most of the leaves still hanging on and the garden resplendent with fruits, berries and blooms. Nasturtiums, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, geraniums - yes the geraniums are still flowering their little hearts out - lavender, and even the evergreen magnolia trying hard, though I suspect that the large plump buds will come to nothing as they slowly turn browner and browner with the cooler weather.

Berries first...
Next the fruits...

And finally the flowers...