Arm & Finger Knitting - book review

It seems to be that time of year, grey days and cold weather, perfect for snuggling up with a knitting book and picking out exciting new projects to knit in the coming months. Well, if you're looking for a new knitting experience with easy-to-follow patterns and fabulous illustrations, look no further than Arm & Finger Knitting by Laura Strutt - 35 no-needle knits for the home and to wear

Also this book is well served with tech info, with clearly-illustrated chapters on Arm & Finger Knitting TechniquesTools & Materials, Finishing Touches, Yarn Suppliers and even Making Your Own T-shirt Yarn.
How to knit with your arms!
The projects are fun and fresh, spanning both Home and To Wear. In the Home chapters you'll find cushions, throws, a stool cover, a tea cozy, a lampshade cover, a tote bag, as well as several other small scale items...
Twisted stitch lap blanket
Woven pillow
Nautical sailor knot pillow
Pom Pom Garland
...Whilst in the To Wear chapters there are scarves, shawls, headgear, a gilet, a bolero, necklaces, bangles, a clutch bag and a handwarmer/muff.

Big bow headband
Layered loop necklace 

The versatile Multi-wear button scarf 
  Buttoning down the back for a totally different look,
OR front to make a cool cowl

There's something for every knitter in this book. For process knitters there's the added satisfaction of learning a new skill that takes only a small amount of time to finish; and for the product knitters... well, what are you waiting for, these knits are more or less instant and guaranteed to take the stress out of last-minute gifts. 
Back cover
Paperback  112 pages
Publisher    CICO Books (17 Dec 2014)
Price           GB £12.99; US$19.95; CAN $22.95
ISBN-10      1782492089
ISBN-13      978-1782492085


  1. What a fascinating technique. I've heard of it before, but seeing these photos gives me a much better notion of what maneuvers are required.

    Thank you Jean, for planting this seed.

    Do stay warm as January yields its space to February. xo


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