So Warm - Twined knitting by Carla Meijsen

From the very moment I saw its cover, I couldn't wait to have this book in my hands! What's not to like about the elegant yoga pose, the stylish eccentricity and, best of all, the knitting overload of twelve hands covered in various forms of gorgeous twined knits. Such a great image.
My first thoughts were that if the rest of the book lived up to the cover then it's a must buy for any knitter who's into learning new techniques with small projects.
Inside cover
I've known Carla and the Dutch Knitters for several years since she invited me to teach some workshops at the first Stitch 'n' Bitch Day in Rotterdam in 2007. Carla is renowned for her well-researched work on knitting techniques, as in her previous book, co-written with Hilly van der Sluis - Warmer Handen, focusing on the beautiful traditional mittens of Estonia. 
Example of twined knitting
This time it's Twined Knitting, a little-known technique originating in Falun, Dalarna in Sweden. It involves working with two threads simultaneously and the book includes an illustrated section on basic stitches, deep stitches, increases and decreases, colourwork, swedish braid and blocking.
Benen legwarmers
Beautiful knits abound, ranging from wrist warmers, boot toppers, legwarmers, socks and hats, to a phone sleeve and a bag - but my faves are the mittens.
Geheime Genoegens - berry-themed mitts
Heel handig
Mooie Meid
Mooie Meid - colourway 2
Dansende Dames
So if you're looking to extend your skills with a technique which is both enthralling, beautiful and well taught, you won't go far wrong if you get yourself a copy of So Warm.

The book costs  Euros €34.50, excluding shipping (no shipping costs inside the Netherlands) and one or more copies can be ordered by sending an email to
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