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Autumn colour

Hello again, been meaning to get back to the blog for a couple of weeks now.  Life goes on in much the same way from day to day, with me trying to improve my nutrition and stamina, to help with mobility. Had a bit of a breakthrough yesterday as I walked the length of the house unaided by sticks or frame! Yay, it was a great tonic to feel I can now do that, albeit looking like a toddler learning to walk with my arms in the air trying to balance :)

Over the past couple of weeks we've had the nearest we ever get to an Indian summer, with bright sunshiny days and overnight rain bringing out stunning colours in the garden and landscape. Coffee in the garden in October is definitely a plus, even more so on a grey day like we've got today :(
As the autumn gets underway, it always seems to bring with it an urge to cook, bake and preserve, so we've been doing quite a lot of that recently. Today I made cheese and herb dumplings to go into a root veg stew Philip is cooking up on the h…