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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Autumn colour

Hello again, been meaning to get back to the blog for a couple of weeks now.  Life goes on in much the same way from day to day, with me trying to improve my nutrition and stamina, to help with mobility. Had a bit of a breakthrough yesterday as I walked the length of the house unaided by sticks or frame! Yay, it was a great tonic to feel I can now do that, albeit looking like a toddler learning to walk with my arms in the air trying to balance :)

Over the past couple of weeks we've had the nearest we ever get to an Indian summer, with bright sunshiny days and overnight rain bringing out stunning colours in the garden and landscape. Coffee in the garden in October is definitely a plus, even more so on a grey day like we've got today :(
Abundant inspiration here!
Couldn't resist these irises in the market
- such fabulous intensity
Was very struck by these thistles a friend had picked
from her garden for the table  
Beautiful texture and colour
These pears were crying out for me to take them home - even if they won't
be ripe for a couple of weeks the colours will light up the kitchen and I can
look forward to poaching them in red wine with lots of star anise and cinnamon
As the autumn gets underway, it always seems to bring with it an urge to cook, bake and preserve, so we've been doing quite a lot of that recently. Today I made cheese and herb dumplings to go into a root veg stew Philip is cooking up on the hob.
Philip's root veg and courgette stew
Cheese and herb dumplings ready to go in the fridge
before going in the stew
Pomegranates are a favourite at this time of year too, taste great in
autumn salads and add a welcome splash of colour

We're lucky to have lots of lovely friends who have apple trees - I love
making apple chutney , which makes a nice thankyou for donated apples,
as well as being delicious on lunchtime ploughmans
There's nothing like a delivery of logs to make you feel cosy and ready for anything the impending winter days can throw at you, so I was delighted when ours duly arrived the other day.
Makes me feel so warm and secure to see the logs all stacked
outside this window
One of our neighbour's cats must think so too. Jo's family have been away quite a lot recently and I suspect he gets a tad lonely, so on a couple of occasions he's joined us (and Arlo and Django) in front of the woodstove.
Outside the backdoor on the bench in his favourite daytime spot

He's a lovely boy and comes every day to do a bit of cleaning up
after Arlo and Django - he always makes sure their plates are
completely empty and clean before he leaves! :)
That's all for now, thanks for dropping by xox