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Best laid plans...

Yesterday in London was the memorial  of a dear old friend. P and I had been looking forward to it for months, as we'd been unable to go to his funeral. As I'm still struggling with peripheral neuropathy from the chemo, I'm not yet able to walk very far, so the journey would necessitate taking the wheelchair, sticks, cushions and other paraphernalia that have become a part of everyday life for me.

When I became ill last February, one of my greatest sorrows was that I couldn't play guitar (I could just about knit, although very badly!) and when I eventually picked up my guitar again five months later, I was shocked to find that I couldn't remember many of the songs I'd learnt in the weeks and months preceding my ill health. Added to that was the fact that my voice was so weak I could barely keep in tune and I must say the overall impression of the two together was not pleasurable.
However, as playing guitar and singing had been a constant in my life for so long,…

Nature Photo Challenge

Last week I received a nomination from Pete Mitchell, my old guitar guru, to take up a photo challenge to post seven pictures of nature on seven consecutive days, at the same time nominating another photographers to give it a go every day. I was a little reticent about it to begin with, but I have to say it was a lot of fun once I got started. It gave me a reason to look back over many of my old photos and rediscover their stories. My seven days ended today and I thought it would be good to have a record of the photos I chose, hence the purpose of this blog, also to see what you might think of them and which were your favourites and why?
Nature Photo Challenge
I came across this Broccoli Romanesco several years ago in the market. I'd never seen anything like it and was so fascinated I couldn't bear to cook and eat it. The conical florets are a perfect example of fractals in nature.
One very proud cat with his prey. Eat your heart out David Attenborough!NB No bunnies we…

Happy New Year!**!**!

Warmest wishes to you all. May sadness, sickness, poverty and war continue to be rooted out and much progress made on the rocky road to happiness, health, prosperity and peace for all people.