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Dave Gregory

Dave Gregory was someone I was aware of for many years, but didn't really know. I used to wonder who the interesting-looking man with the big beard was when I'd see him walking into town along Bootham. Later, when I learnt he was a luthier, I took my guitars to him for set-ups and services. But I only got to know him a little better after I began to play guitar with Susie, his life partner, when we would practise round at theirs or ours. Usually he'd be beavering away in the workshop, but he would sometimes come in and ask if I'd like a cup of tea, or something stronger. Susie always said that he'd like to play with us, but didn't want to muscle in. I always thought what a great idea, as I instinctively knew he'd be a wonderful addition whatever he was playing. Sadly for me, because of one thing or another he never did get round to playing with us.
P and I were looking forward to seeing the two of them at our anniversary party. So you can imagine how shocke…

Wedding celebration!

Can it be a year since P and I tied the knot in hospital? I remember little of the occasion: in bed, attached to a drip, and half comatose, while a virulent infection was sapping away my lifeforce. 
It was Friday, the 13th and our son, Rowan, and Nicky, his wife, plus our friend Cathryn were there to witness the event. They sat at my bedside, whilst the two registrars sat at the foot of the bed. It was all over in an instant, with P having to wake me from my drug-induced reveries to utter 'I do'. 
Afterwards, Cathryn dashed to the off-licence and returned with two bottles of bubbly, and the lovely staff of Ward 31 produced a large chocolate cake. By this time, the antibiotics were starting to kick in and I was beginning to feel slightly more human so we tried to interest the nurses and the five other occupants of the ward to join in the merriment. But in the event, the nurses couldn't drink on duty (though a couple did have a piece of cake) and sadly the other patients were …