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Around the garden in early April

It's been a busy couple of weeks recently, which is great as it helps distract from the rainy grey days. There have been a couple of glorious mornings though, like yesterday, when we've had coffee in the garden with friends and family, but generally there's been too much cowering indoors dodging the heavy rain and hailstones like marbles. Still it's good for the garden, although even that seems to have gone back into hibernation, going through a fallow period with not a lot happening. In an unusually fine half hour today I wandered around and took some pics to show you. The black widow geranium or Geranium phaeum is one of my favourites, as it's the first cranesbill of the year and self-seeds tastefully, always finding plants that complement its understated beauty.  This splendid looking Camellia williamsii 'Donation' has never looked so good before, she's a blaze of blooms and colour right now.

Camellia 'Black Lacel' is a new addition in the fr…