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Around our Welsh garden in late May

Yay, we've finally made it to our Welsh retreat, something I've been dreaming of for nearly 18 months. Feels so good to be able to walk round the garden, despite the neuropathy -  I'm determined not to let it spoil my enjoyment. The cuckoo's calling and the house martins are swooping and swirling in the air, scooping up the dreaded midges, then back to their nest-building in the eaves. As Lionel, our previous owner, used to say It's God's own country - and that feels just about right.  Vic and Roy, who've been looking after everything while we've been gone, have done a good job. However, I can't help feeling that a garden seems to recognise the people who have built and nurtured it by springing to life and seemingly putting a smile on its face. It's as if it's waking up from a long sulk, and thankful that you're back, wants to make sure you don't abandon it again. 
There's much to be done here, in both the hard graft and the gentle…


Sorry for the month-long absence. I do enjoy blogging but I've not felt up to it recently as I've been fretting over Lyra, our five-year-old grand-daughter, who has deteriorated over the past couple of months ending up in hospital two weeks ago. She was diagnosed with Pervasive Refusal Syndrome, a condition when a child stops eating, drinking, walking, talking and refuses personal care.

Lyra didn't fit the mold on all the above as she doesn't refuse all personal care and also only practises selective mutism, but it was thought that given time she would develop the full-blown syndrome.

It was very hard to see her being fed on a Nasal-Gastric tube in hospital, but fingers crossed it seems to be doing the trick and she's put a couple of kilos on and no longer looks skeletally thin and according to the nurses is now a bit of a chatterbox. She hasn't as yet attempted to walk but everyone is hopeful that this will follow on if she starts to eat regularly. In fact she…