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Yorkshire Sculpture Park

We had a fun day out with Isabella and Ava at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park last week. It was the final day of the school holidays for them so we decided to go out. The weather wasn't brilliant, in fact it was decidedly grey, but still warm so we packed a picnic lunch and set off. Thankfully it's only about three quarters of an hour in the car, so we arrived just as we were feeling a bit peckish.
I took this photo through a plate glass window in the beautiful new building that now houses the museum shop, restaurant/cafe, a small gallery and loos. The first thing we saw on entering the park was this phallic work which was determined not to be overshadowed by the trees, thrusting itself high amongst them. Luckily we had no problem finding a bench in the lee of a tall red brick wall, which was covered in espaliered pear and apple trees, with a view over the whole park - the perfect place for a picnic! There were interesting sculptures in the landscape everywhere, many more t…

Season of soups...

... yes, the season of soups is upon us again! But there's definitely something about autumn that's in the air well before the leaves start to turn. The light, for instance. As the days get shorter, the light takes on a luminous quality which makes colours seem to pop more, as if someone's flicked a switch and transformed the bright and brash hues of high summer into the sultry glowing technicolours that we all love in autumn. Also there's a slight nip in the air in the mornings, often not even enough to feel chilled by it, but you know it's there. Then there's the mist. The kind that burns off once the sun is up, but it's nature's gentle reminder to stock up the larder and the wood pile in preparation for whatever the winter might bring.
Once I notice any of the above, regular as clockwork I start to respond. At the moment there's beetroot chutney on the stove and a huge pot of red lentil and vegetable soup for supper. I can't say that I do a l…