Yorkshire Sculpture Park

We had a fun day out with Isabella and Ava at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park last week. It was the final day of the school holidays for them so we decided to go out. The weather wasn't brilliant, in fact it was decidedly grey, but still warm so we packed a picnic lunch and set off. Thankfully it's only about three quarters of an hour in the car, so we arrived just as we were feeling a bit peckish.
I took this photo through a plate glass window in the beautiful new building that now houses the museum shop, restaurant/cafe, a small gallery and loos.
Big Tongue by Not Vital
The first thing we saw on entering the park was this phallic work which was determined not to be overshadowed by the trees, thrusting itself high amongst them.
Let 100 Flowers Bloom by Not Vital
Luckily we had no problem finding a bench in the lee of a tall red brick wall, which was covered in espaliered pear and apple trees, with a view over the whole park - the perfect place for a picnic! There were interesting sculptures in the landscape everywhere, many more than I managed to photograph. The pieces below are a mixture of ones we thought Izzi and Ava would enjoy, together with a couple of my own and P's favourites. 

Moon by Not Vital
I love this wonderful steel sphere and the girls where highly amused by how the small spheres turned our reflections upside down.
This moving horse was fun, a digital Edweard Muybridge!
Pinocchio by KAWS
None of us were really sure what to make of this ginormous figure, but what I did like was that it was made of thousands of slivers of wood - awesome craftsmanship!
Seated Figures by Magdalena Abakanowicz
Sometimes it's hard to know what was in the artist's head when he/she conceived of a particular piece, and for me that's definitely the case with this row of seats with headless occupants  - I was almost more interested in the lovely old cedar which perfectly framed the sculpture😉 .
Promenade by Anthony Caro
I'm not a great fan of this work, which has been here since the Sculpture Park opened. It presents a very menacing image to me - almost like a battleship. However, when you look back at it from the bridge crossing this little stream, it seems to sit well in the landscape and becomes less threatening.
Sitting Lady Hare by Sophie Ryder
This piece was thought to be rather rude, bringing on fits of giggles from the girls.
Reclining Figure by Henry Moore
Although I usually like Henry Moore, I'm not a big fan of this one - too much like a sarcophagus maybe? 😊
Large 2 Forms by Henry Moore
This Henry Moore I did like, in fact it's one of my favourites. I love the colours and textures of the patina, acquired over years of people clambering over it. It was a big hit with the girls too as they explored the various ways of posing in its orifices.
Upright Motif No 2 by Henry Moore
More Moore here with this collection of three totems, with ever more ways with form, textures and patina.
Walking through this culture-crammed landscape created four very large appetites. So on the way home we stopped at Luigi's for pizza, pasta and pudding.  A perfect end to a perfect day!

I couldn't sign off without showing you our fruit bowl. What struck me whilst finishing off the grapes was that the four fruits - mango, apple, fig and grape - present a painterly palette of autumn hues.

Here's the link to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for more sculptural goodies.

Have a great autumn and thanks for dropping by x


  1. Good evening Jean, from a hot and humid NYC. I would not want to have been one of the excellent competitors in the just concluded Women's Finals of the US Open Tennis Tournament. It was such a well-played three sets, and grand to see the new number one player Kerber outlast her Czech challenger, who was in her first grand slam final.

    A new era of players is little by little entering the game, and as a spectator, it's so interesting to see how their game is played, after years of having familiar favorites winning over and over.

    It's so interesting to learn of your tennis connections. I had no idea!

    The Sculpture Park looks like a wonderful place to visit, particularly with two young girls as part of the party. Those photographs have lots of clever wit in their composition.

    Best wishes. xo

    1. Good evening Frances, from a not so warm old York. It was our annual street party today so we were hoping for good weather and surprisingly the sun did shine, and even though it was a little breezy, we had a barbecue, shared food and drinks and a good time was had by all☀️🎈
      I do agree that it's good to see some fresh new faces in the tennis world, I think it will make the women's game much more interesting as it has become so predictable with the wonderful Williams sisters winning everything. They are an inspiration to young tennis players and Izzi and Ava are both avid tennis players and keen to follow in their footsteps.

      Keep cool xox

  2. Jean, I'm loving your blogs with all the places to see and things to do. Have you thought of writing an arm chair guide to those wonderful places around you and beyond? Your eye for design and color are fabulous and I can't wait when I see a blog post to look at on my "BIG" computer. Cindy

    1. Thank you Cindy for your lovely message. Yes, I've often played with the idea of writing about places I love, but then I've thought I'd need another lifetime as there'd be do many locations I'd like to include 😊 xo


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