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New World Order

I'm not talking conspiracy theories here, no, just the sharp right turn the western world seems to have taken in 2016. 
First of all Brexit - and if I hear one more person tell me to get over it I'll scream. Then Donald Trump's election to the most powerful position in the world. And yes it does affect me, even though I'm not an American. The world is a much more dangerous and brutal place with Trump and his cronies in the driving seat. What happened to the caring society? Barack Obama did his best to address the social problems in the US but obstructionist tactics more or less blunted his sword every time he tried to get anything through congress. And now apparently Obamacare is to be abolished. What a shameful state of affairs - a dog eat dog society, where only the strongest and richest prevail, whilst people on the poverty line perish. Whatever happened to compassion?
In the UK we now have a situation where politicians are hungry for power at any cost and therefor…

Happy New Year

Peace love and light to all my followers in 2017. May your creativity flourish and your dreams come true. I'm looking forward to sharing more of my observations on life in Yorkshire with you.

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