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Howard Hodgkin's India at The Hepworth

The big news the other day, in Yorkshire and even nationally, was that The Hepworth won Art Fund's Museum of the Year award. Despite having been assured by friends how much we would enjoy it, P and I had never got round to checking it out. On reading further we were excited to discover the gallery was currently featuring the work of Howard Hodgkin, whose work we've both long admired, so an exhibition of paintings inspired by his lifelong fascination with India was something we couldn't miss. Half an hour later we found ourselves in the car hurtling down the M1 towards Wakefield!
From the moment we parked the car I had a good feeling about it. On the other side of the road, the building's imposing grey outline emerged from behind the trees on the far bank of the River Calder, angular concrete slabs rising out of the water, welcoming us. From the footbridge a pleasing mix of old and new; derelict warehouses, long abandoned commercial barges, contemporary domestic narrow…

Everything in the garden's... green!

It's been a wet old week, day after day of waking up to the sound of rain, sometimes torrential, other times just the pitter patter of light drizzle on the window panes. Dark gloomy grey days when you can't get out into the garden do nothing for me. However, I have to admit, the garden comes into its own and seems to thrive on it. Everything's got that lush and lovely pumped up look, and many plants have doubled in size. Basically we're wallowing in a sea of green.